In the top right corner of each course outline, the availability per semester is mentioned:
" SEM1" means Fall semester
" SEM2" means Spring semester


level 1  
UCHUMCHI11 Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture - again in Fall 2016
UCHUMCLA11 Latin Language and Culture I
UCHUMCLA12 Ancient Literature and History
UCHUMDUT10 Introduction to Dutch Studies
UCHUMDUT11 Dutch Language and Culture I
UCHUMFRE11 French Language and Culture I
UCHUMGER11 German Language and Culture I
UCHUMHAR11 Introduction to Art History and Museum Studies
UCHUMHIS12 Medieval History: 400-1500
UCHUMHIS13 Early Modern History: 1450 - 1850
UCHUMHIS14 Modern History
UCHUMITA10 Introduction to Italian Studies
UCHUMITA11 Italian Language and Culture I
UCHUMLIN11 Introduction to Linguistics
UCHUMLIT11 Introduction to Literature
UCHUMMAP11 Introduction to Performance Studies
UCHUMMAP12 Introduction to Comparative Media Studies
UCHUMPHI11 Introduction to Philosophy
UCHUMPHI12 World Philosophies
UCHUMREL12 Introduction to Religious Studies
UCHUMSIG11 Sign Language and Perspectives on Deaf Culture (summer)
UCHUMSPA10 Introduction to Hispanic Studies
UCHUMSPA11 Spanish Language and Culture I
  Interdepartmental and cross-listed options
UCINTDUT11 Discovering the Dutch
UCINTGEN11 Gender, Science and Technology (summer)
UCSCIHIS11 History and Philosophy of Science
UCSSCPOL11 Introduction to Political Theory
level 2  
UCHUMCHI22 Chinese Language and Culture II - again in Fall 2016
UCHUMCLA21 Latin Language and Culture II
UCHUMDUT21 Dutch Language and Culture II
UCHUMDUT22 Dutch Language and Culture for bi-linguals
UCHUMFRE21 French Language and Culture II
UCHUMGER21 German Language and Culture II
UCHUMHAR21 Dutch 17th Century Painting
UCHUMHAR22 Museum Studies
UCHUMHIS21 The Cold War
UCHUMHIS22 Nazi Germany
UCHUMHIS24 Cultural History of Magic and Science
UCHUMINT21 Academic Internship
UCHUMITA21 Italian Language and Culture II
UCHUMLIN21 Language Form and Meaning
UCHUMLIN22 Psycholinguistics
UCHUMLIT24 Ancient Myth in European Literature
UCHUMLIT26 What is a Classic? The Literary Canon Contested
UCHUMLIT27 Literature in Focus (summer)
UCHUMMAP21 Compose Yourself: The Making of Performance
UCHUMMAP22 Adaptation Studies: from text to screen
UCHUMMAP25 Playing Shakespeare: Juliet and Romeo (summer)
UCHUMPHI21 Metaphysics & Epistemology: Plato to Peirce
UCHUMPHI23 Twentieth Century Theoretical Philosophy
UCHUMPHI25 Philosophical Views on Humans and Gods
UCHUMREL23 Religions in the Public Domain
UCHUMSPA21 Spanish Language and Culture II
  Interdepartmental and cross-listed options
UCINTCAR21 Caribbean Studies (summer)
UCINTDEV21 Theory and Practice of Development
UCINTHIS21 Conflict Resolution (summer)
UCINTLAT21 Culture and Society in Contemporary Latin America
UCINTSUS21 Sustainability
UCSSCANT23 The Materiality of Culture
UCSSCPSY28 The Psychology of Teaching and Learning
level 3  
UCHUMCHI32 Chinese Language and Culture III (again in 2016-2017)
UCHUMCLA31 Classic Language and Culture III (again in Fall 2016)
UCHUMHAR31 Modern Art
UCHUMHAR32 'Heritage': Dynamics of Collections
UCHUMHIS35 Great Powers
UCHUMHIS36 Origins and Crises of the Global Economy
UCHUMHIS37 Transitional Justice
UCHUMLIN31 Language Acquisition
UCHUMLIT33 Classics, Classicism and Culture (again in Spring 2017)
UCHUMLIT35 Cultural Memory
UCHUMLIT37 Literature and the City
UCHUMMAP31 Contemporary Performance: Mapping The Everyday
UCHUMMAP32 Game Studies
UCHUMPHI34 Senior seminar in Philosophy II - Wittgenstein
UCHUMPHI35 Senior seminar in Philosophy III - East and West
UCHUMREL34 Religion and (Post)secularity
UCHUMRES31 Humanities Research Thesis (7,5 ECTS)
UCHUMRES32 Humanities Research Thesis (15 ECTS)
  Interdepartmental and cross-listed options
UCACCDUT31 Dutch Language III (only on request)
UCINTCHI31 The Urbanization of Chinese Society
UCINTDEV31 Field course in East Africa (summer)
UCINTEVO31 Evolution, culture and human nature
UCINTHIS32 History and Politics of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
UCINTHON32 Student-designed honors course
UCINTLIN33 Speech Production and Perception