In the top right corner of each course outline, the availability per semester is mentioned:
" SEM1" means Fall semester
" SEM2" means Spring semester


level 1  
UCACCACA11 Research in Context
UCACCMAT01 Mathematics for Liberal Arts & Science
UCACCMET11 Introduction to Methods and Statistics
UCACCMET12 Research in Practice: M&S for Social Scientists
level 2  
UCACCENG21 Academic Writing
UCACCINT21 Internship
UCACCMET22 Applied Multivariate Statistics (summer)
UCACCMET23 Applied Multivariate Statistics
UCACCMET24 Qualitative Inquiry in Everyday Life (back in Fall 2016)
UCACCMET25 The Humanities Lab: Logic and Discourse
UCACCMET2A Analysis of Behavioral Data
UCACCMET2B Analysis of Societal Data
UCACCMET2C Analysis of Econometric Data
UCACCMET2D Qualitative Research Techniques
UCACCMET2E Predicate Logic
UCACCMET2G Stylistics
UCACCMET2H Data Computation
UCACCSTA21 Biostatistics
UCACCWRI21 Creative Writing
level 3  
UCACCDUT31 Dutch Language III (currently not on offer)
UCACCMET31 Structural Equation Modeling
UCACCWRI31 International Journalism