After UCU: Master Programs & Careers

After completing the program you have an internationally recognized Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. But the question that troubles many parents and prospective students is: what can you do next?

During your time at UCU you will have thought about this question. With your tutor, you will have selected courses within your areas of interest, making sure that you have built a coherent curriculum. After that options are virtually limitless. Enroll in a Master's program abroad? Take up an internship in Brussels? Or earn a Master's degree at Utrecht University?

The vast majority of UCU graduates (87%) apply to Master's programs. Of that group about 40% does so abroad (mainly UK and US), and of those who stay in the Netherlands a large proportion (about half) goes to Utrecht University. Other students enroll in Bachelor's programs, a small minority applies for a PhD position, and the remainder takes a year off, takes up an internship or goes to work right away.

Connection to Master's programs

Since UCU was founded in 1998, educational institutes in the Netherlands have become used to the Bachelor-Master system. At the same time, UCU has built up a reputation of turning out capable graduates. This combination makes sure that most UCU graduates have little trouble getting into Master's programs. Some programs will require extra course work. UCU graduates will find that, due to their academic skills, they will easily pick up any deficiencies in knowledge. 

Universities abroad, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, are familiar with UCU's educational system and admit UCU graduates.

Please note that a very limited number of programs in the Netherlands, such as Dutch Law and Psychology, demand a very specific Bachelor's degree and will not admit UCU students without remedial training. Those who aspire to a career in Medicine, however, will find that they have a good chance of admission to UU's medical Master SUMMA.

Utrecht University itself offers a large number of excellent Master's programs.