Academic Facilities

UCU offers a range of academic facilities. UCU students can make also  make use of all facilities that Utrecht University has to offer.


  • Virtually all UCU classes and most other educational activities take place on the UCU campus. Each academic building contains areas for individual or small group work.
  • A library / reading room with frequently consulted books, international journals, and magazines is located in the Voltaire building.
  • Computers with office, creative and educational software are available for students. This software can also be used freely on students' personal computers using MyWorkplace.
  • A wireless network is available in all buildings and around campus
  • All academic buildings are wheelchair accessible.
  • A psychology lab allows students to perform experiments and conduct analysis.
  • Professional microscopes are available for molecular-biological research.
  • As part of the HiSPARC project there are two cosmic ray detectors on top of the Dining Hall. HiSPARC is a country wide network of detectors for measuring high energy cosmic radiation. 
  • The Writing & Skills Center assesses language skills of students and offers remedial teaching and testing.


  • As the largest research university in the country, Utrecht University offers excellent research facilities that UCU students actively make use of, for example the laboratories of the UU faculty of Science.
  • All students have access to the University Libraries as well as the online catalogs.
  • Guest lectures and research projects at the academic hospital UMC give an added dimension to medical courses at UCU.