Student Organizations

UCSA activity
UCSA committees organize all kinds of extracurricular activities


The University College Student Association (UCSA) strives to enrich the non-academic life of all students with social and cultural activities. Established in the first year of UCU’s existence, the UCSA now consists of about 40 committees and teams that organize activities (including the introduction week), workshops, parties, performances and trips throughout the year. In addition the UCSA publishes the campus newspaper “Boomerang”, runs the college bar, organizes a yearly formal ball, and organizes sports events, dance and music performances, photo exhibitions and much more. All students are invited to join one or more of these committees.

The body to overlook and support all of these committees is the UCSA Board, consisting of six members: a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer and three committee affair officers. The Board coordinates all activities organized by the committees, manages the budget and maintains contacts with the UCU management and external relations. Students elect a new board every year.



The Academic Student Council, ASC, is UCU’s elected student body that represents the students’ opinion in all academic matters. The five members that together form the Academic Student Council work together with teachers, students and the staff members in ‘College Hall’ in order to reflect upon the quality of the UCU education. ASC involves students in this process through small scale discussion groups and collects the students’ opinion by conducting research. ASC also functions as an open source of information for students and facilitates them in their initiatives.

ASC has 4 seats in the co-decision making body of UCU, the UCU Council, together with 4 members of staff and faculty. The UCU Council advises the Dean on UCU policy such as budget proposals, UCU statutes and academic rules, as well as having the ability to raise issues it deems need to be addressed. In addition to that, one of the ASC members has a seat in the highest decision making body within UCU, the College Board. The students of the Council are united with the Student Assessor in the Academic Student Council (ASC) and can be reached at