UCU Students

Meet Our Students
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Cultures & Nationalities

There are more than fifty nationalities represented among UCU students, with about 50% of students having non-Dutch nationality. Diversity is a central feature of UCU, particularly with regard to students’ talents, experiences, lifestyles and learning styles, religions, mother tongues, and social and cultural backgrounds. Together with the residential setting this rich diversity offers huge opportunity for new intercultural encounters, deepening of intercultural understanding, and for friendships across the globe.

The international character of University College Utrecht also implies a number of obligations for all students and members of staff and faculty. In the presence of others, we always speak English. We all try to be sensitive to the fact that individual students may at first feel isolated or excluded and we act accordingly, so that everybody can feel inclusion and acceptance.

The international composition and diversity of the student body is also an important asset in many classes, where diversity of perspectives matter. The multiplicity of students’ cultural, linguistic and geographical backgrounds is often actively used in classroom discussions to facilitate richer understanding of the issues at hand.


‘Eagerness to excel’ is part and parcel of the UCU culture, and a central part of its mission. Many UCU students graduate with ‘honors’ or ‘cum laude’ distinction, and UCU graduates are accepted into highly selective masters’ programs abroad, at Utrecht University, or at other Dutch universities. The success rate of UCU graduates in obtaining scholarships for further study is very high compared to graduates from other institutions. Campus life and its many activities also stimulate UCU students to do their very best not only as young academics, but also as active community members and citizens of Utrecht. See more under Civic Engagement.

Students are certainly not alone in aspiring for excellence. It is the ambition of UCU as a whole: in teaching, tutoring, administrative procedures, support, communication, and all other domains of college life. Excellence is enhanced by a constructive critical and self-critical attitude of all involved, an open atmosphere, and quality assurance at all levels.