Departmental Organization

The core activity of UCU is education, which takes place within and in cooperation between its three departments: Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences.

  • Each Head of Department is responsible for the academic program within her/his department. The Head of Department organizes the variety and the coherence of course offering and tracks, the quality control of teaching and of the educational process, the quality control of the exit level in the fields within the department, student and faculty participation in ongoing departmental concerns, and the academic advice to students within the department.
  • The Heads of Department are assisted by UCU Fellows, who are appointed by the Dean in specific disciplines. Fellows play an important role in curriculum development. They also act as a liaison with UU faculties and graduate programs, and as academic advisors to the students within a specific discipline or field.
  • The senior tutor has delegated responsibility for the functioning and coordination of the tutorial system at UC. The senior tutor prepares and chairs tutorial board meetings, manages the group of tutors, and makes sure that all tutorial tasks are properly allocated.