UGlobe Research

UGlobe offers a dynamic environment in which talented researchers develop lines of research, work collaboratively to prepare research grant applications, and present and disseminate findings on the theme of global challenges and a contested global order.

Research domains

UGlobe scholars focus on four central research domains:

Professor Sybe de Vries on UGlobe and global challenges

Distribution of natural resources

UGlobe focuses on two crucial and interrelated areas of contestation. The first of these is the global distribution of natural resources, space, and food. Despite technological advances, the issue of scarcity and inequality remains and has become more urgent in certain cases. The antagonism between citizens is also growing, catalysed by the increasing inequality of income and assets. 

Simultaneously, globalisation has resulted in increased mobility of people, money, goods, and information. This raises questions about how states should relate to each other within the current architecture of the international (institutional) order and about the nature of a society that is ideally based on the foundations of democracy, the rule of law, respect for human rights, and a sustainable economy. 

Sense of insecurity

Alongside the issue of global inequality in terms of distribution, UGlobe focuses on a second crucial issue: the deepening sense of insecurity among the general public. This insecurity reinforces the desire to cling to what is familiar and trusted.

Counter-movements have emerged which address a growing need for attention to and a reinforcement of (cultural and religious) identity. This emergence raises questions about the relationship between identity, freedom, and the security of citizens, as well as the way in which an awareness of identity relates to the normative foundations of societies and the international order. 

UGlobe offers the platform for exchanging ideas and creating innovative solutions for the global challenges that we face today.