Development and Equity

Development and Equity is one of the four central research domains that UGlobe explores within the overarching theme of global challenges and the contested global order.

Professor Jan Luiten van Zanden on UGlobe and solving societal problems

Global inequality is at its peak, and is one of the main causes of migration flows, international conflicts and the desintegration of states. And it is a true challenge to international institutions - including the UN, OECD and WorldBank. 

This research domain focuses on the legislative and policy arrangements that can advance global prosperity and a dignified existence. It deals with the  insights ethical ideas, such as international distributive justice and equality of opportunity, can provide.

How do we strike a balance between economic growth and equality, or is equality and agency a pre condition for sustainable growth? What are the normative starting points in balancing these interests and what can we learn from long-term analyses about these issues?

UGlobe focuses on a number of societal problems that cannot be solved by policy measures at the local or even national level – such as the very uneven distribution of income and wealth in the world, the problem of poverty, and the transition towards a sustainable society.
Prof. dr. Jan Luiten van Zanden