Student Council

One of the distinctive characteristics of UGlobe, besides its emphasis on interdisciplinarity, is the presence and active participation of students. Various student associations work together in the Student Council. Their task is to advise the Board, to cooperate with another and to organise interesting events for students involved in the various Master’s programmes. You can have a look at the agenda for upcoming events.

In the Student Council the following six student associations are represented: Aegee Utrecht, CS Ubuntu,  SIB-Utrecht,  UHSK, URIOS and UUMUN.

AEGEE Utrecht
Aegee logo

AEGEE Utrecht is a study association for students interested in the European Union. It has 350 members and organises many activities such as lectures and drinks. 

CS Ubuntu
CS Ubunto logo

CS Ubuntu is a study association of Utrecht University, focused on the field of Conflict Studies & Human Rights. Our name is an African philosophy and concept about the interconnectedness of human. We provide conflict studies- related activities, lectures, trips and more in an international social setting with the combined aims of knowledge sharing, capacity building and career orientation to students from diverse academic backgrounds.

SIB Utrecht
SIB Utrecht logo

SIB Utrecht is a student association for students interested in international relations. Its 250 members, however, have very diverse backgrounds beyond international relations. Every Tuesday, SIB organises a weekly lecture, followed by drinks. In addition, SIB organises many international activ

UHSK logo

UHSK, Utrechtse Historische Studentenkring, is the Students Association for the history students of Utrecht University, founded in 1926. With 1400 members is the UHSK the biggest students history association of the Netherlands, providing their members with several activities both leisure activities as activities preparing them for the labour market. 

URIOS logo

URIOS is a study association for students interested in International and European Law. It has approximately 250 members, including many exchange students, and organises numerous activities including two symposia per year. URIOS also publishes twice a year its own, peer-reviewed journal, called the ‘Utrecht Journal for International and European Law’.

UUMUN logo

UUMUN, The Utrecht University Model United Nations, gives a selected group of 17 students the chance to participate in Model United Nations, competing in Oxford or Cambridge but also at Harvard University. UUMUN also organises lectures and the Race to Diplomacy (for students of Law) and the UUMUN Academy (for all (exchange)students).