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9 November 2017 19:00 - 22:00
This year the Van Bylandt lecture focuses on the global aspects of the South China Sea dispute and the consequences for Dutch interests.
14 November 2017 17:15 - 19:15
This event is especially organized for students who are interested in the field of Human Rights and want to learn more about career opportunities in this field.
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Previous activities

21 September 2017
On 19 September 2017, UGlobe hosted the successfully visited screening of the documentary ‘No Place for a Rebel’.
documentary ‘Shadow World’
25 April 2017
On 24th April 2017, UGlobe in cooperation with PAX hosted a screening of the documentary “Shadow World.”
masterclass with Duco Hellema
14 April 2017
In this UGlobe Masterclass Duco Hellema critically discussed the past and present of Dutch foreign policy.
Christine van den Wyngaert
18 March 2017
On 17 March 2017, Judge Christine van den Wyngaert gave the UGlobe Masterclass “International criminal justice at a crossroads".
Geremek lecture: screenshot aftermovie with Caroline de Gruyter
17 February 2017
The evening was attended by members of the Polish embassy and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of course students and employees of Utrecht University.
Caroline de Gruyter and Geert Mak
17 February 2017
Caroline de Gruyter and Geert Mak gave a Masterclass on the potentially problematic relationship between the media and European Politics.
Masterclass with Boris Dittrich
31 October 2016
UGlobe Masterclass 'Human Rights advocacy, an uphill battle behind the scenes’ by Boris Dittrich.
Masterclass with Uri Rosenthal
27 May 2016
Masterclass with former Minister of Foreign Affairs Uri Rosenthal on Promoting the Dutch Interest.