UGlobe promotes collaboration in both research and education. In terms of research, UGlobe supports collaboration efforts between Utrecht University staff and national and international partners through joint grant proposals or joint research initiatives.

Associate professor Rutger Claassen on UGlobe and international cooperation

In terms of education, UGlobe seeks to establish partnerships with external partners that will enhance the learning and academic experiences of students through internships, seminars, or exchanges.


Strategic partnerships with external partners are instrumental in providing solutions to the global challenges that we face today. UGlobe has established partnerships with local, regional, and international actors.

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UGlobe is a vibrant international centre where academics from all over the world can meet each other, inspire each other, look for their differences and also for common ground on how they look on the academic and social challenges of the future.
Dr. Rutger Claassen. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk