UGlobe Videos

Short videos about UGlobe, the Utrecht Centre for Global Challenges. UGlobe offers the platform for education and research on issues related to the contested global order. In these videos, researchers of Utrecht University tell more about these issues.

UGlobe: an introduction
Prof Sybe de Vries
Professor Sybe de Vries on UGlobe and global challenges
Prof Antoine Buyse
Professor Antoine Buyse on UGlobe and human rights
Prof Beatrice de Graaf
Professor Beatrice de Graaf on UGlobe and bringing different perspectives together
Prof Cedric Ryngaert
Professor Cedric Ryngaert on UGlobe and collaboration across disciplines
Prof Jan Luiten van Zanden
Professor Jan Luiten van Zanden on UGlobe and solving societal problems
Brianne McGonigle
Associate professor Brianne McGonigle on UGlobe and addressing global issues
Liesbeth van de Grift
Assistant professor Liesbeth van de Grift on UGlobe and Global Studies
Prof Marcus Düwell
Professor Marcus Düwell on UGlobe and the normative global order
Rutger Claassen
Associate professor Rutger Claassen on UGlobe and international cooperation