Student pondering in university library

Unfortunately, our students are also facing problems as a result of the Corona crisis. This mainly concerns students who did not have an easy time before this outbreak and now need extra help. The university is working hard not to let their situation escalate. In some cases this requires immediate financial support. The Utrecht University Fund wants to be there for this acute emergency and has therefore started this action.

With a few euros from every alumnus, employee and student, the fund can help many students in need.



The texts and videos on these pages are mainly in English. Under normal circumstances, Utrecht University publishes almost all texts and videos in Dutch and English. However, this website was created at the time of the Corona crisis. Unfortunately there was not enough time to translate everything.


De teksten en video's op deze pagina’s zijn voornamelijk in het Engels. Onder normale omstandigheden publiceert de Universiteit Utrecht bijna alle teksten en video's in het Nederlands en Engels. Deze website is echter gemaakt ten tijde van de Coronacrisis. Helaas was er onvoldoende tijd om alles te vertalen.