Research and Education

The university is a public institution that can actually be an agent of change on the theme of sustainability. Scientists within our University work on solutions for the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. At the same time all students come into contact with sustainability themes, regardless of the subject they are studying.

Pathways to Sustainability

Pathways to Sustainability - Deep Decarbonisation of the Energy System

We work within different Thematic Communities to drive and deepen the inter- and transdisciplinary exchange and collaboration on key issues related to societally relevant and recognizable sustainability issues. It is in the crossovers that we will find new answers.

Thematic communities

Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development


Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development conducts research on climate and climate change. It is their mission to have a positive impact on the transition to a sustainable society through the development of excellent and relevant knowledge, to influence political and private decisions by communicating this knowledge and by educating the change agents of the future. 

Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development

UULabs - Living labs for sustainable development

Within the context of sustainability, the University is committed to integrating three important roles: research, education and business operations. We aim to create sustainability-related testing grounds on campus in which we bring these three roles together. These testing grounds are living labs: real-world experiments in which researchers, students and societal partners co-create solutions for complex sustainability challenges. 


Sustainability in Education

The theme of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in education. Think for example of the interweaving of a sustainability perspective, attention to SDG’s in education, setting up innovative projects, etc. We approach sustainability from all different disciplines. Are you interested in doing more with sustainability in your education? You can easily put together a course package with sustainability as its theme by using the course planner (within the free optional subjects, choose the SDGs you consider important).

Sustainability in Education