The Sustainable Development Goals

The seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (2015) highlight the extent of today’s social, economic and environmental challenges. Issues such as biodiversity, access to clean drinking water, education and gender equality are also major international challenges that need to be tackled by the year 2030.The SDG’s are a major guiding principle for Utrecht University.

Below the SDG's we focus on in making the university more sustainable.

SDG12: Responsible consumption and production

SDG 12 Sustainable consumption and production (icon)

How can we make our cities and industries more sustainable? How can innovation optimize our use of drinking water and raw materials? In Utrecht, researchers are working on this issue, from different angles, often together with other organizations.

SDG13: Climate action

SDG 13: Climate Action

How can science help to mitigate the consequences of climate change? Our research looks beyond the borders of disciplines.

SDG15: Life on land

Sustainable development goal 15: Life on land

How can science help to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of ecosystems? In Utrecht, we do this by researching complex issues beyond the borders of disciplines.