Water is a point of attention in the ambitions of Utrecht University in the field of sustainability.

Een kraan met een waterbesparende sensor.
A tap with a sensor.

In the Administration Building (Dutch: Bestuursgebouw), the university has carried out a pilot to make toilet groups more sustainable. For instance, the taps in that building have been equipped with sensors and the toilets are water-saving. Utrecht University is investigating whether or not such measures are also applicable to other projects.

Utrecht University also makes less and less use of buildings that use a lot of water. This results in the water use of Utrecht University reducing significantly. For instance, between 2012 and 2014, the university reduced its water use with almost 20,000 m3 by discontinuing the use of buildings that were among the biggest users, specifically the F.A.F.C. Went building and the Geosciences building. The use of the replacement buildings, the David de Wied building in particular, does not result in a proportional increase.

Water use of Utrecht University



The Executive Board has decided that new development projects are to be carried out with the BREAAM-NL (Dutch) classification level 'Excellent' (4 stars). This classification indicates the sustainability of a building. BREAAM-NL encompasses quality marks for new development and renovation, pre-existing buildings, area development and demolition and disassembly. In the classification of BREAAM-new development, water-saving elements and water compensation in the area are included.