UBD - Administration Building

Sustainable operations in the Administration Building (Bestuursgebouw)

Poster boards with short texts are used throughout the Administration Building to highlight the sustainable operations. Below you can find a complete overview of these practices, with more background information.

Consider the environment: print as little as possible, double-sided as standard (default settings) and multiple pages per sheet.

Location: multifunctional printers

The multifunctional printers have a number of settings for more sustainable printing and copying:

  • The standard setting for all print jobs is double-sided.
  • Print jobs are only carried out when you are at the printer in person. This avoids the situation where printed material is left unused at the printer.

You can also print more sustainably by choosing to print in black and white wherever possible. This is more environmentally friendly than printing in colour.
Read more about sustainable IT.

Ook de papieren handdoekjes zijn uiterst belezen
In these toilets the LED lighting operates on motion detectors, the sensor taps minimise water use and the paper towels are made from recycled material.

Location: sanitary blocks

A number of changes were made during the renovation of the sanitary blocks in the Administration Building which save a great deal of energy:

  • The existing lighting has been replaced with LED lights, which produce more light and use less energy. The LED lamps also have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The energy savings and the reduced need for replacement lead to savings of €43,000 over a seven-year period.
  • The sanitary blocks also have motion sensors in the public areas, enabling us to save even more electricity. It is important that the LED fittings are not switched on and off too frequently, though, as this strongly shortens the lifespan of the LEDs. For this reason, the LED fittings do not automatically switch off until 30 minutes after leaving the toilet block. Even so, this leads to extra energy savings compared to the previous situation. In practice, it means that the LED lighting remains on throughout the day. This may seem illogical, but it is to prevent the LED fittings being switched on and off constantly throughout the day, causing them to break down more quickly.
  • The taps at the washbasins have been replaced by automatic taps with sensors. This leads to water savings as the tap is only activated when a hand is held in front of the sensor.
  • The urinals in the men’s toilets flush automatically at fixed intervals, so they use far less water than previously.

Read more about sustainable water usage (in Dutch).

Even dimmen
A great way to save energy is to turn down your computer screen to 50% brightness. This generates a softer light and is also more gentle on your eyes.

Location: lifts 

Welbeschouwd zijn ze oliedom
One liter of water and one liter of oil is needed to produce one disposable plastic bottle. Prevent unnecessary waste of raw materials and use a durable water bottle that you can refill.​

Location: pantries

Background to the campaign to highlight sustainability in the Administration Buiding (Bestuursgebouw)

This poster campaign is a project by the Sustainability programme, in collaboration with Green Office Utrecht, the DCM House Style Team, Corporate Real Estate & Campus (V&C), facilities and building management. The preferred medium for communications from the Sustainability programme is digital, but an exception is made where it serves a more functional purpose to produce printed matter. In order to directly highlight the sustainability measures at the locations in question, it was decided to make such an exception for this poster campaign.

Questions or remarks about this poster campaign? Send them to duurzaamheid[at]uu.nl

Want to learn how to contribute to a more sustainable university? Take a look at the Green Office campaign Sustainable UU, Sustainable me.