The university aims for 100% circular procurement by 2030. The Purchasing and Contracting Centre (IAC) of the Facility Service Centre is making an active contribution to realising this ambition. 

Circulair furniture

On 1 February 2022, the new procurement contract for furniture management took effect. In this agreement, circular furniture is the default. The university will only purchase second-hand furniture or new circular furniture. Circular furniture is made of existing materials and is returned to the cycle after intensive use.

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Discuss sustainability with suppliers

Utrecht University is a member of FIRA (Firmus Agnitio). The FIRA platform supports buyers and suppliers in making their value chains more sustainable by linking sustainable purchasing companies to sustainable suppliers. In addition, the platform makes suppliers' sustainability performance transparent and understandable for buyers.
 The Purchasing and Contracting Centre applies this information when considering tenders. In tenders, new suppliers are also asked to join FIRA, so that their progress in  sustainable business operations can be monitored throughout the entire contract period. In this way, sustainability is and will continue to be a topic of discussion in the relationship between the university and its suppliers.

More information

For more information on purchasing, tenders and socially responsible procurement, please contact the Purchasing and Contracting Centre ( external link / 030-253 12 30).