By bike

Utrecht University works towards creating a better world. This is why we want to be a sustainabale university. We do this in many ways, for example: by commuting to work by bike.

20,000 bikers

More than half of our students and staff come by bike. Something we are proud of. Biking is not only healthy and enjoyable, it also helps to reduce the university's CO2-emmissions.


But we are not there yet. Despite our bikers, 25% of the university's CO2-emissions comes from transportation. This consists of air travel, delivery trucks and commutes to work by car.

Our ambitions 2018-2025

  • further reducing car commutes 
  • work towards a car-free campus
  • compensate air travel emissions
  • create an no-emission UU car-fleet

How do you travel?

A commute can be stressful. Or a chance to prepare for the day, listen to music or enjoy a bit of exercise. For many, the daily journey to work is an important part of the day. Students and staff tell you what their daily commute means to them. Tell us about your daily commute on Utrecht University Facebook and Green Office Utrecht Facebook.