Increase impact

By sharing this knowledge, realising more education and research on biodiversity and increasing the support for the restoration of biodiversity, we can reach more people who can devote themselves to biodiversity. By doing so, the university increases the (positive) impact of biodiversity.

Deltalab: Biodiversity research on campus

The Deltalab came about in order to increase the university goal of biodiversity and connect it to the education and research. Merel Soons, a Professor of Biodiversity, does research in this living lab together with a group of students. The lab will soon be expanded with a hydrology department.

The research results of the Deltalab can be directly used by the university for management focused on the restoration of the biodiversity of its own area.

Merel Soons in de mini-documentaire - 'het gebeurt in Utrecht'

Green Office Utrecht University

The Green Office is the central platform where young minds join forces to support Utrecht University in its sustainable developments. The platform shares knowledge with the university community and organises activities in order to meet each other and devote ourselves together to certain themes, including biodiversity. You can see a selection of the Green Office activities below: