Biodiverse fields, nature-friendly banks, verges rich with herbs a fruit orchard in a car-free, energy-generating area with the Botanical Gardens at its heart. A landscape where green spaces are connected to each other and to the natural areas surrounding it. This could just be a picture of the Utrecht Science Park (USP) in 2035.

Utrecht University aims to strengthen biodiversity globally and locally. This ambition is part of the Strategic Plan. How do we make this happen and why is it deemed necessary?

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Strategy and Policy

In the upcoming policy period, biodiversity will be enhanced and restored, and sustainable use of biodiversity is encouraged by:

1. Effectively regreening university grounds
2. Reducing Utrecht University's biodiversity footprint
3. Increasing impact

Biodiversity Council

To make optimal use of our own scientific expertise, a Biodiversity Council has been appointed. The council supports policy development from a scientific viewpoint and provides the Executive Board with solicited and unsolicited advice on how the university can strengthen biodiversity. The council members are professors of various disciplines. 

The members: 

  • Merel Soons
    Professor, focus ecology, biodiversity and nature conservation - Chair
  • Edwin Pos 
    Scientific director Botanical Gardens
  • Hens Runhaar
    Professor of Governance of Nature and Biodiversity, Copernicus Institute
  • Marie-Jeanne Schiffelers
    Associate professor, senior advisor and manager USBO consultancy.

Biodiversity Dossier

The university has made various dossiers, in order to make (ongoing) research and initiatives related to a certain theme understandable and comprehensible to a general audience. As such, a Biodiversity Dossier has been compiled as well.

  • Agenda

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