Reduce plastic

What is the impact of all the plastic floating around in the oceans? What are sustainable alternatives to plastic? While our researchers are finding answers to these questions, the university is reducing its own plastic footprint. 

Vending machines

From February 2019, vending machines stopped selling still water in disposable plastic bottles. Students and staff can tap water from coffee machines (at no charge) or the water tap using their own water bottles. Soft drinks and sparkling water are still available in the vending machines. This step immediately resulted in a decrease, in 2018 a total of 28,000 bottles were sold, in 2019 a total of 10,500 bottles were sold. These are mainly soft drink bottles.

Water with lunch orders

UU-caterer Eurest doesn't serve plastic bottles of water with lunch orders but reusable glass pitchers.

Photo Join The Pipe

Need a reusable bottle?

Plastic bottles with still water have been replaced by BOGO-bottles from Join the Pipe. These bottles are also sold at the university's catering locations. BOGO means Buy One Give One. For every sold BOGO bottle, Join the Pipe donates one to a schoolchild in a developing country.  

Dr. Erik van Sebille talks about the impact of plastic on the oceans