Green Office

Green Office Utrecht (GOU) is the platform for students and employees of Utrecht University where sustainable ideas are shaped, plans are put together  and projects are launched, all with the objective to make the university more sustainable. Green Office Utrecht is a part of the sustainability programme.


Sustainable UU, sustainable me

At the Green Office, we are often asked for tips for leading a more sustainable lifestyle. There are so many simple ways that we can be more sustainable as we study and work so we decided to collect some of our ideas together in our new triangle campaign: Sustainable UU, Sustainable me.

The Green Office rarely produces printed media as we prefer to communicate digitally but we made an exception for this campaign in order to increase our visibility and to spread these sustainable tips as far as possible. The triangle was produced by Ecodrukkers and if you implement just a few of the ideas you can offset the production of the stand in no time!

More information about the tips on the triangle can be found here. If you would like to order a triangle, send an email to