Utrecht University is working to create a better world

Utrecht University is a broad, Dutch and international university. Leading research feeds our innovative education. The University has strong ties to the surrounding environment, and with the city and region of Utrecht in particular. The roots of our University extend deep into the past.

Een betere wereld
In hundreds of containers, Utrecht plant and soil ecologists mimic natural grasslands and investigate the effect of a changing climate combined with a loss of biodiversity. This UU BioCliVE-research is unique in scope and duration.

We form a close-knit community and we value connection. Public values such as equality, diversity, inclusiveness, openness, accessibility and mutual respect form the starting point of our strategy and activities. Involved students, employees and alumni carry our principles forward.

The teaching at Utrecht University is modern, personal, high quality and continuously in development. Here with us, students find a challenging study climate that is aligned to their ambitions and talents. Our students are inquisitive, creative, critical and enterprising. We pay special attention to our lecturers and to encouraging and facilitating educational innovation within an environment that is increasingly inclusive and international. 

A top university spreads its wings worldwide, is firmly rooted in the region and is working to create a sustainable world.

Anton Pijpers onderaan trap
Anton Pijpers
President of the Executive Board

A large number of UU research groups are among the best in the world in their respective fields. Multidisciplinary research at Utrecht University focuses on four themes: Dynamics of Youth, Institutions for Open Societies, Life Sciences and Pathways to Sustainability. Utrecht University participates in regional, national and international consortia that conduct thematic and topical research into societal themes.

We firmly believe that a multidisciplinary and scientific approach is the key to new insights and solutions.

We recognise that complex issues cannot be resolved based on a single perspective. We firmly believe that a multidisciplinary and scientific approach is the key to new insights and solutions. Together, we will improve the world in sustainable fashion.

Mission and vision

Utrecht University is working to create a better world.

Our graduates have the knowledge and skills to make a substantial contribution to society. Our research is ground-breaking and focused on resolving major international issues. Our collaborative culture makes innovation, new insights and social impact possible.

The core values of ambition, inspiration, commitment and independence form the basis of our university community. 

The faculties and the Strategic Plan

The faculties have made a further interpretation of the university's course for the coming years. In the Faculties' plans, the faculties describe the ambitions for their organisation, for education and for research. With their own emphases, embedded in the university's Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan 2025