Connecting innovative business models to new economic thinking

This Social Entrepreneurship Festival 2018 was held on 19 and 20 June in Utrecht and connected the new ways of economic thinking represented by Kate Raworths’ Doughnut Economics to the thriving established and innovative business models in our economies.

Book cover Doughnut Economics

Kate Raworth has spurred an interesting debate by making a call for a different way of ‘viewing’ and ‘delivering’ economics, highlighting the need to navigate between social and planetary boundaries. But what are today’s business implications of such new ways of economic thinking? Can our foremost business leaders and social entrepreneurs manage the tensions that go together with developing hybrid business models?

We invite you to be part of the SEF 2018 and get inspired by social entrepreneurship and the new economic thinking! Whether being a student, (social) entrepreneur, sustainability manager, investor, policymaker or other stakeholder, this year’s programme will brighten your mind, for a better future.


The Social Entrepreneurship Festival is sold out!

It is however possible, to get on the wait list. Please send an e-mail to the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative: