Renovation Minnaert building

On Tuesday 5 December 2017, the renovated Minnaert building opened its doors again. After a renovation of 18 months, the Minnaert building is lighter, more functional and sustainable, including new lecture rooms, more seating in the central hall and a wider entrance. The Minnaert building is connected to the Buys Ballot and the Victor J. Koningsberger building via the 'loop' on the first floor - a large central space. Together, the three buildings form the educational center in the Northwest corner of campus USP De Uithof for the programs of the faculties of Science and Geosciences.

Spacious entrance with espressobar
Onderwijsruimten Minnaert
Photographer: Hans van Leeuwen

Through the spacious entrance you walk into the Minnaert building, which now forms a line with the letters MINNAERT. The entrance is in open connection with the hallway to the new practical and workgroup rooms. Behind the MINNAERT letters a light interior space has been realized. This is the place for an espresso bar. Here you can go for a nice coffee or small bite as of February 2018. In the summer you can enjoy on the terrace at the Leuvenlaan.

Meeting & connecting
Zitjes hal Minnaert
Photographer: Hans van Leeuwen

The central hall forms the connecting link of the educational center. Here, students, staff and visitors come together via the loop from the Buys Ballot- or Koningsberger building. It is a pleasant hall with nice seats for doing group work, lounging or enjoying the view of the courtyard. The hall is multifunctional, including as an event square for presentations, lectures, debate, or open day. This is also the study point of the Faculty of Science. The original function of the hall, the processing of rainwater, has been restored. There are grates in the floor to collect and drain the falling rainwater.

Renewed offices & restaurant
Kantoren Minnaert
Photographer: Hans van Leeuwen

The offices in the entire building have been renovated and equipped for 2, 3 or 6 people. There are also consultation and lounge areas. The offices are open, transparent and much lighter. On the first floor you will find the new restaurant with mezzanine. This is the restaurant for the entire educational center. The upper space of the restaurant is lockable by means of a glass fa├žade. Furthermore, the routing has been simplified and the roof terraces have been restored. The building comprises two lecture halls, 11 workgroup rooms, six practical rooms, nine project group rooms and a computer learning room. Good for approx. 6,200 students (of which approx. 4,000 Beta students and approx. 2,200 Geo students).

Three stars for sustainability

The ambition for the renovation of the Minnaert building is to earn the BREEAM rating 'Very Good' which is equivalent to three stars. The building will become more sustainable by installing a new air conditioning system, LED lights and connecting the building to the thermal storage system.


Ector Hoogstad Architects, in consultation with Neutelings Riedijk Architects (NRA), the firm that designed the Minnaert building.