Construction projects realized

Over the past period Utrecht University has carried out various new-build and renovation projects:

Renovation of Leuvenplein

Feestelijke opening Leuvenplein voor bewoners Casa Confetti

The Leuvenplein has been completely refurbished. The pavement has been renewed, there are more bicycle parking spaces and the sewers have been replaced. This has improved livability and sustainability. In the new situation the square functions optimally for all logistics. Moreover, it has also become a comfortable environment for users.

New office building for Geosciences

Vening Meineszgebouw

The new office building for Geosciences connects to the entrance area of ​​Utrecht Castel. The building accommodates a restaurant and bicycle parking facilities, which will be shared with TNO and Deltares, as well as one floor of office space that can be developed in the future.

Transformation Robert van der Graaff laboratory into Earth Simulation Lab

Robert van der Graaff laboratory is stripped and now being transformed into the Earth Simulation Lab (ESL). The aim is that the Faculty of Geosciences can use ESL mid 2018.

Minnaert building


The Minnaert building, renovated and connected to the buildings Buys Ballot and Victor J. Koningsberger, was festively reopened on Monday 18 December 2017 after a renovation of one and a half years.