New tram line at Utrecht Science Park

Construction work Uithoflijn (Photo: Uithof Line)

Given that good accessibility to Utrecht Science Park is essential and that the numbers of students, new organisations and businesses in the area will continue to grow in the coming years, a new tram line is being built. The new 'Uithoflijn' tram line, which will come into service mid 2019, will be the most important means of improving Utrecht Science Park's accessibility.

Agreements relating to Utrecht Science Park

Agreements have been made concerning the USP with the USP partners (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University) concerning Accessibility, Liveability, Safety and Communications (in Dutch BLVC-plan) during the construction of the tram line. Car traffic will continue to use the existing routes; enough space will remain for pedestrian traffic alongside the buildings; the construction site will be fenced off (it will be prohibited to lock bicycles to the fences); and the work will take place in phases. These agreements have been set down in an BLVC framework. Similar BLVC frameworks and associated agreements are in place for the Station redevelopment area and the area between the station and USP.