Parking locations

Parking locations

Visitors and guests to Utrecht Science Park can make use of the paid parking facilities. P+R Utrecht Science Park can be reached directly from the A28 motorway and has plenty of capacity and easy access to the area. For example, during peak times Bus service 28 runs every seven minutes, and a car parking ticket costs €5.00 for the entire day, including public transport. You must pay immediately upon parking for the bus ticket to be valid. This makes a lot of sense for those visiting the city centre because it is cheaper than paying for parking there (which is €4.50 per hour).

Car parking in the area is also available near the University, the University of Applied Sciences and UMC Utrecht buildings. However, you should bear in mind that these car parks are used by staff of the University and University of Applied Sciences, and many of them will be full even early in the day. UMC Utrecht has a separate area with car parking for visitors.

There are very few areas in Utrecht Science Park where it is possible to park free of charge, and these will be phased out completely in 2017. However, free parking is (still) available at the following locations:

  • Jenalaan parking facility (capacity 426 spaces);
  • parking spaces on Leuvenplein (capacity 28 spaces).

Permit holders

There are also some car parks for permit holders only. As a visitor you are not allowed to park here and if you do you risk being clamped.

  • Princetonplein parking area (only TNO/Deltares permit holders);
  • Sorbonnelaan Noord parking area (SRON permit holders only);
  • Cambridgelaan Student Complex parking area (residents only);
  • Noord UMC Utrecht parking building (UMC and CMH staff only).

Other parking facilities

  • on-site parking at the Hubrecht Institute (not accessible to the public);
  • parking for the veterinary medicine clinics for "patient owners" (parking is free for patient owners, before you leave do not forget to scan your parking card that you received on departure by veterinary medicine);
  • parking facility at Ronald McDonald House at the Lundlaan site (CMH, not accessible to the public);
  • Sanquin Blood Bank parking facility (for donors).