The bicycle is the most popular and most sustainable means of transport for accessing Utrecht Science Park. The university therefore focuses on providing good cycle facilities on the campus. There is also a scheme for those who commute to work by bicycle. The cycle path network which serves the university has now been almost completely repaved (in red).

Bicycle parking facilities

There are bicycle racks next to all university buildings. Some of these are covered and secured. Any bicycles not placed within the racks should be left next to a bicycle stand to which they can be locked. The use of the bicycle racks (pdf) is mandatory at Utrecht Science Park. Bicycles left outside the racks or parking facilities may be removed to prevent inconvenience to pedestrians.

Public transport bicycles (OV fietsen)

Did you know that you can hire public transport bicycles not only at the railway station? At Utrecht Science Park, hire locations include:

  • under the car park next to the University Library, where there is an automated OV fiets point;
  • at the P+R Utrecht Science Park parking facility, Upsalalaan 7 – the OV fiets key can be collected at the office of the P+R facility manager on the first floor;
  • on the Rijnsweerd industrial estate on Archimedeslaan on the corner with Pythagoraslaan.

You can hire an OV fiets using your transport smartcard (OV chipkaart). The NS OV fiets regulations will apply.

Bicycle repairs

There is a bicycle repair workshop at Utrecht Science Park (Bike-In). This is located in the bicycle parking area under the UMC Utrecht's Education Centre, Heidelberglaan 100.

Broken and abandoned bicycles

Utrecht University removes broken and abandoned bicycles from the bicycle parking facilities of the university. The goal is to keep the parking capacity up to the mark. The bicycle parking code lays the foundation for the action of removing the bicycles. 

The removal of bicycles consists of the following phases:

  1. The university determines on which locations the broken and abandoned bicycles will be removed. 
  2. The university marks these locations with an announcement of the activities.
  3. Weekend after that: the bicycles in the marked parking facilities will get a clearly visible label on the steering wheel.
  4. Until four weeks after labelling: the owners remove the label from their bike.
  5. Four weeks after labelling: the university removes the bicycles that still have a label. These bicycles will be brought to the Fietspunt BV depot. Locks will be cut where necessary. The costs of damaged locks will not be reimbursed. 
  6. Until four weeks after removal: the owner can collect his or her bike from the Fietspunt BV depot (Koningin Wilhelminalaan 2A).

The university only removes broken and abandoned bicycles from the terrains that the university maintains. This means that only selected parking facilities in the Utrecht Science Park and close to the university buildings in the city centre are included. The university does not remove bicycles from the International Campus Utrecht and the terrains of Hogeschool Utrecht (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht).