Utrecht University has placed 4,600 solar panels on several buildings in the Utrecht Science Park De Uithof. Annually these panels will generate one million kWh of electricity.

Together with UMC Utrecht, Utrecht Science Park De Uithof is the largest area of ​​solar panels in Utrecht and belongs to the top in the Netherlands.

Sustainability Ambitions

Utrecht University aims to generate half of the energy consumption in 2020 in a sustainable way, including thermal storage, the purchase of wind power and the use of sunlight. The placement of the solar panels contributes to a reduction of the CO2 footprint. Moreover, it offers the potential to enhance research and education component of faculties involved.


In the period May / June 2016 the solar panels were placed on various buildings:

  • Jeannette Donder-Voet building
  • Willem C. Schimmel building
  • Martinus de Bruin building
  • Water storage Veterinary Medicine
  • Young cattle barn
  • David de Wied building
  • University Library Uithof
  • Caroline Bleeker building
  • Victor J. Koningsberger building

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Overzicht van de zonnepanelen in Utrecht Science Park De Uithof
Overview of where the solar panels of the Utrecht University in Utrecht Science Park De Uithof have been placed