Parking charges

P+R Utrecht Science Park

P+R Utrecht Science Park is one of the largest multi-storey car parks in the Netherlands, with 2,000 spaces. There are 1,500 parking spaces available for permit holders who work at the healthcare and research institutions in Utrecht Science Park. There are also 500 public P+R parking places belonging to the City of Utrecht. P+R users pay €5 per day for parking and can then travel into the city by public transport free of charge using their parking ticket (maximum 5 people per car). You must pay immediately upon parking for the bus ticket to be valid. This makes a lot of sense for those visiting the city centre because it is cheaper than paying for parking there (which is €4.50 per hour).

To find out more about P+R Utrecht Science Park and smart ways of getting into Utrecht, please visit (in Dutch).

Parking charges

The rates for the other university parking facilities (surface and multi-story car parks) are €0.50 per 33 minutes (the first half hour is free of charge, a later departure results in paying the first 30 minutes too), Monday to Friday, 07:00 – 18:00, unless indicated otherwise. The maximum daily charge is € 7.00 (also applicable if you lose your entry ticket).

For UMC Utrecht, the tariff is €1.80 per hour (or €0.30 per 10 minutes). The maximum daily charge is €18.00 (also applicable if you lose your entry ticket). If you stay for less than 30 minutes, no charge is payable. The charges apply every day of the week, 24 hours a day. You can also purchase a weekly ticket for €30.00.


All car parks accept cash payment, PIN and creditcard.

Parking penalties

The university parking facilities are managed by FSC Security, and the hospital parking facilities are managed by the UMC Utrecht security services. Both organisations use wheel clamps on illegally-parked vehicles. The clamp will be removed after the applicable removal fees have been paid. The cost for removing a clamp is €25 (on university-owned land). At UMC Utrecht the cost is € 50 (in Dutch).

Parking cards

Under the arrangements for visitor’s parking, some organisations, units and companies located in Utrecht Science Park are able to cover guests' parking costs by issuing a card that can be used to exit the parking facility. Please ask the person you are visiting whether such a card is available. Parties that issue these cards are invoiced for the parking costs quarterly or annually, depending on turnover.

Parking spaces for disabled people

Most buildings at Utrecht Science Park have general disabled parking spaces near the entrance to the building. These parking spaces can be used by holders of a European disabled parking card (Blue Badge).

Parking for residents

Residents of the Cambridgelaan student complex may use the parking spaces in this residential area. A system of permits is in place, which you can find out more about from the management of the residential complex or the owner, SSH Utrecht. Residents of all complexes can also make use of the general parking facilities around Utrecht Science Park under the same conditions as visitors. The number of parking spaces in Utrecht Science Park is based partly on the demand for parking from residential buildings