In some respects, our existing buildings have not kept pace with developments in teaching and research. As teaching is becoming more blended and research more multi- and interdisciplinary, we realise that some of our buildings are too old, expensive to maintain and unsustainable.

The ambitions in the fields of education, research and organisation are leading in the real estate strategy.


Education ambitions

  • The university wishes to provide broad, interdisciplinary education which also allows students to learn outside of their own degree programme.
  • Digitisation is calling for innovation in teaching areas to become a modern learning environment.
  • ‘Lifelong Learning’ is bringing a different target group to the campus with different needs.
  • Teaching areas need to be modified as the flexibility of education is increasing.
  • Internationalisation and alliances are calling for investments in distance-learning facilities.
  • The university wants to make better use of teaching areas by means of modern timetable planning.

Research ambitions

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration requires opportunities to bring scientists together in new compositions.
  • The university wishes to develop its collaboration with the business sector and civil society organisations further.
  • The increasing research costs are calling for real estate that facilitates sharing of research facilities.

Organisational ambitions

  • The university wants to increase sustainability, reuse more materials and make the transition to sustainable energy generation. Utrecht University wants to be fully CO2 neutral by 2030.
  • Diversity, accessibility and inclusion are important themes that must be reflected in the real estate.
  • Healthy buildings contribute to healthy students, researchers and staff.