Training and development

Below are some public engagement training opportunities currently offered at Utrecht University for researchers. These courses are offered structurally and on demand.

Title Content Contact
Media training Camera training, interview practice, talking to journalists

Your faculty press officer or the Utrecht University Press Office (Wietske de Lange)


How to explain your research to an 8YO Find your core message and make it interesting for children

Science Hub, Lieke Dekker


Introduction to Public Engagement

Which possibilities are there, good examples, how to find the activities and audiences that suit your research and personality

Utrecht University Public Engagement Team

Getting your message across

Blogging and social media On demand, contact your faculty press officer
Impact Track How to achieve impact with your research? How and when to partner up with non-academic partners? How to get a non-academic public enthusiastic about your research? This track of various sessions on impact across the year will answer these and many other questions

Utrecht University Academic Affairs: Rianne Giethoorn

PROUT Public Engagement Course Yearly course of five meetings where PhD's work to develop their public engagement skills PROUT and Utrecht University Public Engagement Team
PhD courses The graduate schools offer several courses in academic skills including presenting, research writing and science communication

Graduate Schools, see

PhACE PhD Programmes e.g. enhancing your skill set, debating 

Fati Shahrabi, Projectcoordinator PHACE,

Pitch your research in 3 minutes Intensive 3-day pitch training by trainers with a background in theater, in preparation of pitch-competition Breaking Science Team public engagement, Miranda Thoen

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