Close-up: UUnited Music Festival

The UUnited Music festival held on 24 March 2022 was an explosion of creative energy.

The Utrecht student choirs and orchestras, composed of 450 students of Utrecht University, gave a performance at TivoliVredenburg together with well-known artists such as Brigitte Kaandorp and Trijntje Oosterhuis. Especially for UUnited, researcher Arthur Lutz set his doctoral thesis to music together with DJ Mitch de Klein. The event was organised by Parnassos, Utrecht University’s cultural centre.

I developed the piece ‘The water towers of our world’ (De watertorens van onze wereld) together with Mitch de Klein, a DJ and producer of electronic music. The piece takes the audience along on a musical and visual journey through our planet’s water cycle. We show what science teaches us about the importance of high mountain ranges for worldwide water supplies, and what challenges we face to maintain these supplies. This music genre is hugely popular among a highly diverse audience, so I thought this would be a fun and effective way of making science more accessible. Well, the audience agreed!


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Arthur Lutz spreekt op Muziekfestival UUnited
Photo: Maarten Mooijman, NomoviesFotografie
UUnited Muziekfestival 2021
Photo: Maarten Mooijman, NomoviesFotografie