Close-up: Botanic Gardens

Everyone who is interested in plants and nature is welcome to visit Utrecht University’s Botanic Gardens. They’re also a location for teaching and research, such as biodiversity research on a large scale. The Gardens will open their own research centre in 2022 to reinforce and broaden the scientific foundation of the Botanic Gardens.

In the coming years, the Gardens will open more frequently for exploration, education and science in order to share knowledge about the plant world with a broad public. Programmes are currently being developed for this, such as a festival on 30 June 2022 at which young researchers will share their research, and tours of research locations in the Gardens in the autumn of 2022. The interaction between researchers and visitors will be at the core of these events.


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Summerschool Junior in the Botanic Gardens | photo: Lize Kraan
Tour in tropical greenhouse Botanic Gardens
Excursion through the Botanic Gardens | photo: Akkie Joosse