The annual report describes the goals and achievements of the Utrecht University. You can download a digital annual report from this page. In addition, the Overall Impression summarises the key events.

Annual report highlights


Utrecht University welcomed almost 6000 new students in 2015. In terms of student success rates, Utrecht University has consistently topped the Dutch rankings since 2002.


The university invested substantially in its four strategic research themes in 2014, so as to reinforce our alignment with the Dutch government’s top sectors policy and the European Societal Challenges programme. In addition, the university selected eleven new focus areas for research. These are intended to serve as a breeding ground for academic renewal and interdisciplinary co-operation.


Internal partnerships and the ongoing commitment of staff and students have made a significant contribution towards the quality of our education and research. Regionally, too, and within the Utrecht Science Park, the collaborative efforts have continued to bear fruit. And the same applies to strategic partnerships at the national and international levels.