Utrecht University aims to become a truly diverse and inclusive university.

In this light, the university has four basic principles:

  • Students, employees and guests from a wide range of backgrounds feel at home at Utrecht University.
  • Students and employees have every opportunity to develop their talents.
  • A diverse staff population provides the diverse student population with recognisable role models.
  • Students, employees and guests engage with one another without resorting to prejudice or exclusion.

Priority areas

On the basis of the Strategic Plan, the University has formulated three priority areas for the present year: 'Equal treatment and inclusion', 'Broadening participation and social commitment' and 'Intake and selection'.

Equal treatment and inclusion
Studenten studeren in tweetal.
Two students, studying together. Photo by Maria Salaru.
  • The University is adapting its policies, regulations and instruments to ensure equal opportunities for all employees and students, regardless of their backgrounds.
  • The University promotes a culture of diversity where all employees and students feel at home.
Broadening participation and social commitment
Photo of an activity at the Summerschool Junior.

Recruiting students and staff

Through existing and novel initiatives, the University seeks to recruit students and staff from under-represented segments of society. Examples: Summerschool Junior (Dutch), Meet the Professor (Dutch) and the Weekend School. Another existing initiative is InclUUsion, which provides education for refugees.

Internships for refugees

To make it easier for highly qualified refugees to enter the labour market, the University can provide them with internships.

Intake and selection
Introductie-activiteit van internationale studenten.
Introduction activity fort international students. Photo by Michael Brunek.
  • The University seeks to attract more foreign students and students from under-represented segments of society to its Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.
  • The University is evaluating current procedures for admission and diploma recognition to identify any conscious or unconscious mechanisms of exclusion.


If you have any concrete ideas for further action or activities, you are more than welcome to share them via diversity@uu.nl or directly with one of the members of the Diversity Task Force.