Utrecht University has incorporated its plans for achieving a more diverse community in the Strategic Plan for 2016-2020.

The Strategic Plan states:

  • The university invests in intercultural skills for employees and students.
  • The university supports and assists international staff and students to help them feel at home.
  • Recruitment and selection procedures are open and transparent.
  • Faculties and service departments develop and achieve objectives which are consistent with the university’s overall aims in the field of diversity.
  • The university intensifies the internationalisation programme and deploys additional capacity to reinforce its international position.
  • The university invests in bilingual services and facilities.
  • The university organises, promotes and rewards activities which strive to reach a broader public.
  • The Diversity Task Force as a University-wide committee drives progress.

For more information, you can learn about the University's current activities or read the Strategic Plan.