Brief explanation of Form 1

Form 1: Request for Exemption and Admission to the Doctoral Programme

  • All employed prospective PhD candidates have to complete Form 1 as soon as possible, and the latest within three months after the start of the research/the appointment. Form 1 has to be filled in using the Hora Est! programme. PhD´s from outside the university with prospects of a doctoral thesis defence will have to complete this form approximately two years before the expected date of their doctoral thesis defence ceremonies.
  • Missing information (such as electronic copies of the thesis), forms or signatures, may have consequences for the exemption and/or the admission to the doctoral programme, or for the date of the doctoral thesis defence ceremony.
  • For further information about the Board for the Conferral of Doctoral Degrees of Utrecht University and about the Hora Est! program: please click here and select the relevant Faculty/Department.
  • For further information on technical issues regarding the Hora Est! program, please contact the ICT Service Centre, email or telephone number +31 (0)30 253 4500.
  • More information about the required language skills.

The following should be added to a printed, and signed by all parties involved copy of Form 1:

  • A copy of the most relevant diploma. Please refer to Qdesk for any further questions regarding the validity of (international) diplomas.
  • A copy of a valid identification document. This copy will be used for the sole purpose of a correct registration of the candidate's name and not to check the candidate's identity. If preferred, the PhD candidate may cover their BSN (tax and social number).

When completing Form 1, it is useful to have the following data close by:

  • Information about your most relevant diploma: name of the institute, type of programme, type of diploma, date of issue of diploma.
  • Details of any (co-)supervisors who are not affiliated with Utrecht University: at least their full names, initials, titles, name of insitute(s), address of institute(s), e-mail addresses.
  • The tool tips guide Hora Est! users through the programme (do not forget to cancel the pop-up blocker). The FAQ sheet provides additional tips and comments on the forms used in the Hora Est! program.
  • Note: Regarding the (co-)supervisors, it is important to know whether they are employed by Utrecht University or not. If the (co-)supervisors are employed by the university, do not delete the marker in Form 1 next to: "Affiliated to Utrecht University. If a (co-)supervisor is affiliated to the UU, do not delete this marker!"

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