PhD thesis

A PhD programme at Utrecht University always concludes with the writing of a thesis, or dissertation.

Once the thesis is complete, your supervisor determines whether or not it is ready for submission and defence. A committee of professors is appointed to read and approve the thesis and to question the candidate during an oral defence.

Dissertations from Dutch universities are held in high regard

The thesis will be made public (parts of it may have already been published as articles in international journals during the PhD). Dissertations from Dutch universities generally meet the highest academic standards and are therefore held in high regard.

Utrecht University Repository

Digital dissertations of Utrecht University can be found via the Netherlands Research Portal WorldCat and search engine BASE. Paper dissertations can be found in WorldCat. Search by author, title, or by topic  (in combination with thesis or dissertation).

Netherlands Research Portal

The Utrecht University Repository can be accessed through the Netherlands Research Portal. Theses in the repository are easy to find worldwide because they have a unique and permanent URL and the more recent dissertations will also have a DOI from mid-2020.