Market specific skills

Discover entrepreneurship

As a PhD student you are working on groundbreaking research and you see opportunities to transfer your research project into solutions for real societal problems. It might be worthwhile to investigate the market potential of your research project, but where to start? And can you do it on your own, or do you need help? And if so, what help and from who?

In this workshop you will experience some of the first steps of being an entrepreneur. We will discuss the support that is available at the Utrecht Science Park, pitfalls of entrepreneurs, you will pitch your idea or research project and you will experience some of the difficulties you will have to face as an entrepreneur!

Target group
PhD researchers who want to investigate the opportunities to become an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial researchers. Participants should be interested in investigating market potential of a business idea, research project and should be curious about the first steps.

The workshops gives you insight in the struggles of an entrepreneur, let’s you practice with business models and with communicating this towards others.

Paul Tuinenburg graduated from the innovation sciences master in 2012 and immediately started his company IDfuse which helps researchers with making a societal impact with their research. Next to IDfuse he started Impacter, a company that develops software tools that helps researching with their impact chapter in the process when applying for funds.

With IDfuse, Paul helped the Utrecht Science Park to develop several programs for researchers that are interested in commercialization like the Science Venture program and the Facility Track. He coached several international entrepreneurship programs for PhD’s throughout Europe, supported researchers in writing their first business plans and trained hundreds of researchers in exploring possibilities for creating societal impact.

A successful job interview

After you have created a CV, motivation letter and applied to your preferred company, you have taken the first step. Now you are invited to the first round of the application procedure: the job interview.

In this first contact it is very important to make a good impression. Before going to the interview, make sure you know the application procedures and what you have to offer your potential employer (skills/qualities). A good preparation is a key factor to a successful job interview. In this workshop we will share information about how to prepare a job interview and practice possible questions which may be asked during the first interview. For example; how to present your PhD in the Dutch labour market and how you can benefit from this.


Harry Linders is a career counselor since 1993 and he was involved in several projects on different levels regarding employability. His working experience is divers but PhD candidates are a regular part of his work since 1996.  In 2000 he became a registered career advisor in the CMI program. In 2007 he started his own bureau and now he has several assignments in training and advising people entering the working process or continuing their career. During this period he collected a fair knowledge about the actual labour market.

Debating and Persuasion for Professionals

Debating-skills enable you to be sharp, persuasive and inspiring in any conversation. During this workshop you will learn how to communicate your message in a powerful way, how to find the best arguments that fit your audience and how to deal with difficult situations, fallacies and nasty tricks.

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking: "Oh, I wish I would have said that!"; or "Why don't they get my arguments?" or "Why do they get away with not answering my question?" Recognizable? Then this workshop is here for you!

Target group

In short, if you are looking to bring the effectiveness of your communication skills to the next level, then practicing with debate is very relevant, fun and effective. Hope to see you in the workshop!


Imre Végh is one of the most experienced debaters in the Netherlands and a popular trainer. He graduated cum laude from Utrecht University in the Research Master in Economic Geography. After graduating he started working as a communication trainer and coach for Debat.NL.
With his enthusiastic attitude, he challenges participants to develop their persuasion skills in a sincere, honest and inspiring way. Imre trained and coached several MPs, managers of large companies and he is a regular guest at several universities.

Leading in conversations

Ever thought about yourself as a leader? Wondered what it takes to be a good leader? Well, this workshop is NOT going to make you the perfect leader, but it will let you practice with one of the most important skills as a linemanager: having a good management conversations. Please note that these skill are relevant in almost all jobs, not necessarily in big management roles.

The interactive workshop consists of a bit of theory and lots of practice, and will build on your possible experience in coordinating people.

Target group
Anyone who wants to explore what leadership is, and wants to practice holding practical management conversations.

This is a two-hour session, so let’s be realistic: After this session, you will have a hint of what leadership can look like plus some practical & personal tips on holding an effective (management) conversation.

Ineke Verhagen joined the UU in September 2016 as leadership development advisor, part of the Directie HR in the UBD. Previously she worked as an external HR consultant and trainer at Korn Ferry Hay Group and as HR business partner for Unilever in Europe and Asia. She has extensive experience in training (new) line managers in management skills and leadership styles.