"To work with so many highly motivated talents for the benefit of society is very inspiring"
Gerrit van Meer
Professor Gerrit van Meer, Dean of the Faculty of Science

The staff and students of the Faculty of Science have every reason to look back with pride on our joint achievements in 2014, which include a number of impressive and unique highlights shown in this yearly review.

We believe that making new connections is very important for both research and education. With a renewed focus on our identity, we were able to take a leading role in seven new university-wide collaborations: the focus areas
Game Research, Complex Systems, Future Food, Integrative Bioinformatics and, within the strategic themes, in the areas Science for Life, Future Energy & Resources and Water, Climate & Ecosystems. The investment in the joint research facility for electron microscopy offers even more possibilities for further collaboration. In our education, we successfully started the new Bachelor's programme Molecular Life Sciences, a collaborative effort by the departments of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biology.

Awareness and development
Following the public debate on scientific integrity, we began an ongoing dialogue on the issue. In addition we are stimulating the awareness of students on this subject in both the bachelor's and the master's programmes. Scientific integrity is, after all, the foundation of our faculty.

We are well aware that the key to the faculty's success are our staff members. In today's increasingly competitive academic world, more and more is expected of our faculty's staff, so we have created the "Wheel of Change" programme of workshops and coaching to offer them support in the further development of their personal leadership.

To work with so many highly motivated talents for the benefit of society is very inspiring. I hope that the overall impression of our research and education in 2014 will inspire you as well!

Professor Gerrit van Meer
Dean of the Faculty of Science

FTE Faculty of Science