17 October 2019
At the end of November, Routledge publishes "Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights" by Prof. Rosemarie Buikema, Prof. Antoine Buyse and Prof. Antonius Robben.
7 October 2019
In this collection of essays, we advance the notion of urban interfaces to explore how situated media constitute the public spaces of our mediatized cities.
7 October 2019
This volume explores the challenges and possibilities of research into the European dimensions of popular print culture.
Cover NQHR
3 October 2019
The September 2019 issue (Volume 37, Issue 3) of the Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights is now online.
ralstonia healthy and ill plants
25 September 2019
Soil microbe scan make plants immune against diseases, opening new possibilities for sustainable and pesticide-free food production.