Cooling the planet
25 June 2019
The lacklustre political response to the climate crisis is fuelling the call for resolute technological interventions, observes Jeroen Oomen.
2 May 2019
Life in the seas and oceans is jeopardised by a decline in oxygen. Recovery from low oxygen is extremely slow, writes Caroline Slomp.
26 March 2019
The EU has various green measures and hereby pressures other countries to follow suit. This pushes up against the limits of the law, argues Natalie Dobson.
22 March 2019
"Motives don’t come in pre-fab packages. Perpetrators are complex, the context is heated", says Beatrice De Graaf terrorism expert in newspaper NRC.
Martin Junginger
31 January 2019
Utrecht University Professor Martin Junginger discusses the importance of biomass certification and dispels its negative press.