News Utrecht University

8 April 2013
The project ‘Asymmetrical Encounters: E-Humanity Approaches to Reference Cultures in Europe, 1815-1992’ has received a HERA grant of one million euros.
Televisiegeschiedenis, foto
21 February 2013
The European Commission has awarded a 3.75 million Euros grant to the research project EUscreenXL, coordinated by Utrecht University.
Utrecht Data School
18 February 2013
The Utrecht Data School forms a bridge between academia and society.
Dr. Onno Kosters
7 February 2013
Onno Kosters is the winner of the fourth Turing Nationale Gedichtenwedstrijd, the biggest poetry contest in the Netherlands.
Migmap (Meertens Instituut, 2013)
24 January 2013
The Meertens Institute has develop a website to study and map migration patterns over different periods of time in the Netherlands.
21 January 2013
META-NET has drawn up a Strategic Research Agenda, outlining how Europe can turn its linguistic and cultural diversity into a competitive advantage.
Immanuel Kant
21 January 2013
Ernst-Otto Onnasch published a letter by Immanuel Kant in which he warns for governmental influence on the university.
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
13 December 2012
The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (PBCF) has commissioned Utrecht University to evaluate the impact of its activities in the post-war period.
12 December 2012
Four and five year old kids are perfectly able to learn English, according to a research on the effects of early foreign language education.
Keuzegids 2013
3 December 2012
Six programmes of the Faculty of Humanities were ranked highest in de 'Keuzegids', a brochure that helps future students to pick the right Bachelor or Master.
Alles wat je altijd al had willen weten over taal. De taalcanon
29 November 2012
In 'De taalcanon', fifty linguists describe what fascinates them about language, in a profound yet comprehensible manner.
'Nederland en de jaren zeventig' - Duco Hellema
26 November 2012
Prof. Duco Hellema published a book on the Dutch society in the seventies.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland, deel 2: van 1550 tot 1700 - Arno Neele & Paul Brusse
15 November 2012
Recently the second volume in the series 'Geschiedenis van Zeeland' has been published.
Jeanne Holierhoek, tweede Translator-in-Residence
5 November 2012
Jeanne Holierhoek will be the second Translator in Residence and give guest lectures at the Master Programme Literair Vertalen.
Annotated Books Online
5 November 2012
Prof. Els Stronks and Prof. Arnoud Visser have developed a digital research method for the study of historic reading practices: Annotated Books Online.