News Utrecht University

Prof. Klein Gebbink
13 October 2015
The European Union has set aside 3.3 million Euros for research on catalysts for uses such as the clean production of fuels.
Antarctic ice shelves
12 October 2015
The collapse of a number of Antarctic ice shelves can result in additional sea-level rise.
12 October 2015
Three scientists from Utrecht University are on Trouw’s 2015 annual list of the 100 most influential Dutch people in the area of sustainability.
12 October 2015
Dutch and Flemish researchers discovered that electricity-generating bacteria act as a kind of firewall and prevent toxic sulfide from escaping the sediment.
Utrechts Psalter
9 October 2015
The unique medieval manuscript Utrecht Psalter is officially added to the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.
8 October 2015
The Executive Board of Utrecht University has appointed Professor Dr. Frank Biermann as professor of Global Sustainability Governance.
prof. Sybren Drijfhout
8 October 2015
For research on changes in sea levels and their consequences for water management
7 October 2015
Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht will install 6,500 solar panels on several buildings in Utrecht Science Park / De Uithof
De installatie Fungi Mutarium
7 October 2015
Fungi Mutarium shows how toxic waste products, such as plastics, can be converted into food by mushroom-forming fungi.
Gezonde aardappelen en aardappelplanten
6 October 2015
A receptor discovered by plant biologists from Utrecht University and colleagues can help crops offer better protection against diseases.
prof. Berend Snel
5 October 2015
Berend Snel is intrigued by the surprisingly wide variations in the DNA of plants, animals and humans. Friday, 9 October he will give his oration.
5 October 2015
Interview with Sierd Cloetingh and Werner Most: The state of Utrecht’s strategic research theme after two years
Programme confernce Sustainability
2 October 2015
At Utrecht University we bring together sustainability research ranging from single molecules to complete planets.
1 October 2015
Psychotherapy is an effective treatment for depression, but less so than has previously been suggested in the scientific literature.
Network in ribosome
28 September 2015
Previously this was only possible when a small number of proteins was put together artificially.