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Grensvlak tussen eiwitrijk en koolhydraatrijk water
6 August 2015
By manipulating the surface tension between watery solutions, it is possible to make emulsions of two watery solutions
Detlef van Vuuren
27 July 2015
According to Detlef van Vuuren a maximal global average temperature increase of 2 degrees is an enormous task, but not impossible.
Een van de gestolen manuscripten
24 July 2015
PhD candidate Hüseyin Şen (Mathematics) discovered two 13th-century manuscripts that had been missing from a library in Konya, Turkey
Partnerschap helpt geneesmiddelen van kleine bedrijven de markt op
15 July 2015
The professors will employ innovative digital history methods for research on the development of Dutch drug policies from 1945
UU vlag
14 July 2015
Seven nominations for the Student Awards 2014-2015 have been announced. DThe two winners will be announced at the opening of the new academic year 2015.
Globe in hand
14 July 2015
The Earth Sciences and Physical Geography departments at Utrecht University have both been assessed as world class.
14 July 2015
Majid Hassanizadeh has been awarded a royal honor for his insight and dedication in the broad application of his knowledge of hydrogeology.
8 July 2015
Enneking is appointed holder of the yearly rotating chair of the Tijdschrift voor Privaat Recht 2015 - 2016
7 July 2015
Solar energy researchers from Utrecht University developed stained-glass panels with solar cells, that can generate electricity.
Afbeeldingen van Galenus uit verschillende perioden
3 July 2015
Tieleman receives funding from NWO for his project ‘Human Nature: Medical and Philosophical Perspectives in the Work of Galen of Pergamum’.
brein klein
3 July 2015
Neuroscientists at Utrecht University have first observed the brain area responsible for the cyclopean eye.
C. elegans
2 July 2015
The discovery of Professor Sander van den Heuvel and PhD researcher Suzan Ruijtenberg was published in the leading journal Cell
Roland Geraerts en Marc van Kreveld
2 July 2015
Roland Geraerts and Marc van Kreveld have received a grant of 150,000 Euros from the STW technology foundation’s Demonstrator Programme
Sven Dupré
2 July 2015
This new chair focuses on the production and consumption of art and its embedding in the history of knowledge.
Illustratie bij persbericht Bert Weckhuysen
2 July 2015
3-D scans of single atoms show why catalyst loses power