News Utrecht University

30 November 2015
In two polders in the Netherlands, horses have accumulated enough iron to suffer chronic poisoning.
Dr. Nathaniel Martin, Timo Koopmans & Laurens Kleijn
26 November 2015
The startup is the direct result of the fundamental research of Martin and his group towards new anitbiotics.
Pieter Bruijnincx
25 November 2015
Pieter Bruijnincx (Chemistry) has been asked to join De Jonge Akademie.
20 November 2015
More than half of all tree species in the Amazon may be globally threatened, according to a new study published in Science Advances.
19 November 2015
This week drs. Joep Steegmans, a graduate student at Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.), has won the NARSC Graduate Student-led paper competition.
Prof. Jan Tommassen
18 November 2015
Research programmes to speed up the process of developing new vaccines and to develop a technique for retrieving high-tech materials from waste flows.
Vergroting van een niercellaag op een buisje. De celkernen zijn blauw gekleurd.
16 November 2015
Biological kidney tubule allows to excrete waste products from the blood that normal dialysis cannot remove.
Beatrice de Graaf en Christ Klep bij Pauw over aanslagen Parijs, 14 november 2015
16 November 2015
Additional broadcast of the TV program Pauw about the Paris attacks prof. Dr. Beatrice de Graaf and military historian Dr. Klep Christ
A Breathtaking Journey, VR experience
16 November 2015
This virtual reality experience places the player in the shoes of a refugee.
Olaf Klungel
12 November 2015
Oration professor Olaf Klungel. He led a major European project to study the best way to conduct pharmacological research. .
prof. Roos Masereeuw
12 November 2015
Roos Masereeuw has been named a Fellow of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
10 November 2015
On Tuesday 6 October, the Spinoza Hall at the International Campus was festively reopened.
10 November 2015
Recently Prof Arie Buijs paid a visit to Indonesia (Surabaya), in order to give a guest lecture on Entrepreneurship.
10 November 2015
The Nobel prize in Economics Sciences was awarded to Professor Angus Deaton.
Corinda van der Ham
10 November 2015
Corinda van der Ham gained the most points with her paper “Employment protection legislation and conversion temporary to permanent”.