News Utrecht University

Piet Hoekstra
18 March 2015
Effective 1 March 2015, Piet Hoekstra has been appointed dean of the Faculty of Geosciences by the Executive Board of Utrecht University.
Pieters en Wösten
18 March 2015
Resistance to antibiotics is a growing, urgent problem that requires new and better alternatives.
Nature Communications
17 March 2015
Chemists from the University of Utrecht have developed a new reusable catalyst that speeds up the processing of biomass
Sneeuwval / snowfall Antartica
16 March 2015
Polar researchers from the UU and their international colleagues have discovered that a rise in temperatures results also in an increase in snowfall
Prof. dr. Leonard Rutgers
16 March 2015
Rutgers is the only Dutch member of this academic honorary society for the advancement of Christian archaeological study.
13 March 2015
The UCIS website highlights the four Master's programmes involved in UCIS, as well as researchers, the student council and community activities.
13 March 2015
Only through open cooperation and trust can we come to practical, useable insights in the fight against infectious diseases.
12 March 2015
People who live near livestock farms are less likely to have asthma or COPD, but COPD patients who do live near livestock farms have more respiratory problems.
Koen Frenken
10 March 2015
Innovation scientist Koen Frenken awarded a €1.5 million grant for research into the evolution of innovation
Cristiane Morais Smith
10 March 2015
Physicists of Utrecht University and their French colleagues have theoretically designed the ‘holy grail’ of material science
Rhine Meuse Delta  (USGS/NASA Landsat)
9 March 2015
Dr. Esther Stouthamer initiated the Future Deltas research programme, one of Utrecht University’s eleven research focus areas.
Prof. dr. Marc Bierkens
9 March 2015
New research shows that climate change will cause more flooding of rivers and thus results in an ever-increasing economic effect.
Sjaak Brinkkemper
5 March 2015
NWO has awarded a 1.1 million Euro grant for research on making extremely large software systems available via the cloud specific to an organisation
Roads in the Amazon
5 March 2015
Scientists call attention in Current Biology to 9 issues that must be considered to limit the environmental impacts of the ongoing expansion of infrastructure
Kurt VanLehn
5 March 2015
At the 379th Dies Natalis of Utrecht University, Computer Sciences Professor Kurt VanLehn will be presented with an honorary doctorate from the university