News Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Monday 9 February 2015
There is a growing interest to repurpose drugs that have been used for many years and that have known to be safe.
Willem van Eden, hoogleraar Veterinaire immunologie aan de Universiteit Utrecht.
Wednesday 21 January 2015
Utrecht University will lead a research study for new therapies for arthritis, which should be able to fight the condition in an early phase.
Wednesday 26 November 2014
Dozens of heavily mutilated harbour porpoises that wash ashore every year on Dutch beaches are the victims of attacks by grey seals.
Tuesday 11 November 2014
The dead raccoon found in the eastern parts of the Dutch province of Gelderland in October 2014, appears to have died from a severe physical impact.
Thursday 30 October 2014
Together, Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht have founded the Animal Welfare Body Utrecht.