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Tuesday 18 August 2015
Utrecht University placed 45th in ranking Natural Sciences and Mathematics
prof. Roos Masereeuw
Tuesday 18 August 2015
Masereeuw is an expert in the field of renal pharmacology. She leads her field internationally with her research into a bioartificial kidney.
Tuesday 11 August 2015
Scientists have successfully managed to differentiate the ‘roads’ inside the thin endings of nerve cells using superresolution light microscopy.
Grensvlak tussen eiwitrijk en koolhydraatrijk water
Thursday 6 August 2015
By manipulating the surface tension between watery solutions, it is possible to make emulsions of two watery solutions
Een van de gestolen manuscripten
Friday 24 July 2015
PhD candidate Hüseyin Şen (Mathematics) discovered two 13th-century manuscripts that had been missing from a library in Konya, Turkey