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De vier vertegenwoordigers van de bedrijven, met rechts CEO Hugo Sigman van mAbXience
Wednesday 9 March 2016
WHO, Utrecht University, mAbXience, Libbs, Medigen and SPIMACO sign agreement for unique cooperation.
Docent en leerlingen tijdens een scheikundepracticum
Wednesday 9 March 2016
Flexible teacher training programmes to appeal to new groups of potential teachers.
Tuesday 8 March 2016
Utrecht University organises annual competition for young students
Tuesday 23 February 2016
Rashmi Sasidharan received a STW grant of 800,000 Euros to identify new possibilities for sustainable management of the aggressive rice weed Cyperus rotundus.
Friday 19 February 2016
Knowledge of complex systems is sorely underutilised, say researchers including Utrecht University epidemiologist Prof. Hans Heesterbeek.